19 August 2022

Morehead scenes

Here's a photo taken in Morehead City's old town just a couple of days ago. I didn't take it, of course. I'm in France. My cousin Ginger sent it to me yesterday after she read about how much I miss my annual trips there
to spend time with family and friends.

This image dates back to 2003, when Walt and I spent a few weeks in Morehead before flying to Paris and our new life in France. I was standing in the town cemetery when I took it.

This is a view from the west end of the town, looking east to the high-rise bridge that connects the mainland to the barrier island and its beaches. There's Walt taking in the water views.

Huge live oak trees like these are typical of the Morehead landscape. The branches are shaped by prevailing southwest winds — ocean breezes.


  1. Oh, how nice of Ginger to have sent you that beautiful photo :)
    It looks like a lovely area.

  2. We will always long for the place we were born. Those memories stay strong with us as we age.

  3. Nice pictures...majestic old live oak trees.


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