16 August 2022

Not France...

...and certainly not the Loire Valley. Since the pandemic started, I haven't been able to travel back to North Carolina once or twice a year the way I did from 2003 (and before moving to France) until 2019. I really miss those trips. I was born in a small town on the N.C. coast and lived in N.C. until I was 21 years old. But I left there more than 50 years ago to live in Illinois, France, Washington DC, and then California. Since I'm still not confident about flying back to N.C. again — or anywhere else, for that matter — I think I'll take a virtual trip to the Carolina coast through photos I've taken there over the years.


  1. Oh, I’ve always really enjoyed your North Carolina photos :)

  2. Thank you! North Carolina has good memories for me too.

  3. I'm glad I got to see your North Carolina coast- it must have been fun growing up there.


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