15 August 2022

July 2006 and now

These are three photos that I took in Saint-Aignan all those years ago. That was a very busy year. We had a series of visitors and guests starting in March. Then Walt and I went and spent a week in Paris. We went on road trips with friends to Saumur, Domfront, the Mont Saint-Michel, Sarlat, Rocamadour, Rouen, and Dieppe, among other memorable places. We had a great summer and a fantastic vegetable garden. In autumn, Walt and I spent five weeks visiting friends in the U.S., driving from New York to North Carolina to Alabama and finally to Illinois before flying back to France. The memories from 2006 are good ones.

On this past Saturday evening, we had dinner with our neighbors across the street. We sat outside until 11 p.m. eating, drinking good wine, and enjoying lively conversation and warm weather. We went over there expecting just to stay for an hour or so, but then ended up staying much longer and having a full dinner. It was fun... like old times... reconnecting with old friends.


  1. I think the pandemic slowed us down, or maybe just getting older...

  2. Sounds like a nice dinner! The chateau in St. Aignan is very Chambord-like on first glance.


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