30 August 2022

Around Silver Lake in Ocracoke Village

I know I sound like a broken record, but we've again had a couple of days with temperatures over 30ºC (above 86ºF), and tomorrow is another one. Today it's slightly cooler because there are rain showers and some thunder and lightning around the area. I saw distant lightning in the middle of the night but couldn't hear the thunder, so the activity was pretty far from here. The good news is that Accuweather is predicting high temperatures in the low 80s and even down into the 70s for all of September. Maybe August 31 will be the last day of our long hot summer.

This is the lighthouse and the lighthouse keeper's house on Ocracoke Island.

Above and below are a couple of views of the lighthouse from across the waters.

If you ever make it to Ocracoke, be sure you stop here.
According to Google Earth, no spot on Ocracoke Island (except maybe the top of a sand dune here or there) is more than three feet above sea level. Hello climate change and rising tides.


  1. Your photos of Ocracoke are nice to look at today. I'm glad your September is going to have good weather.

  2. How was the mayor’s party?

    1. It was fine. The afternoon was pretty hot. The food was good. Walt and I knew almost nobody there so we were kind of bored. We didn't stay very long (2 hours or so).


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