14 August 2022

The fever has broken

It's raining this morning. What a relief! For now it's a steady, moderate rain, but the chance for thunderstorms is 50 to 75 percent for much of the day. We won't get enough rainfall to break the drought, but it has already broken the fever. On Accuweather, the highest temperature in the long-range forecast for Saint-Aignan is a couple of 30ºC days toward the end of August. We're pros now; those won't bother us.

The rooftops and the château de Saint-Aignan seen from the grounds
of the old Bernardines convent across town.


  1. Blessed rain!

  2. Love today's photo! So happy you've got rain.

  3. Hooray! Nothing like a good rain to change one's mood after high temperatures!

  4. Yay, rain! W'ere getting some here, but it's been pretty moist all summer so far. I'll bet your garden is happy.


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