07 August 2022

Saint-Aignan in summer (28)

Just to reassure you that we are not deprived of fresh fruit even if the local trees are basically barren, I took these photos at the open-air market in Saint-Aignan yesterday morning. This is just one of four or five produce stands at the Saturday morning market. We also have a really good grocery store specializing in fresh local fruits and vegetables that's open six days a week and is just a mile or two from our house.


This hot summer has been a banner year for melons, as they are called in French. They are fragrant, juicy, and sweet. We are eating two or three of them every week, sometimes with salt-cured, air-dried ham, and sometimes as dessert with port wine. There are also all kinds of plums available, along with figs, nectarines, apricots, and much more.


  1. What a great selection!

  2. can't beat those melons. none like them here in nc

  3. What a wonderful thing nature is... if one kind of fruit or veggie isn't doing well this year, there are others that are thriving! Yumm!


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