29 August 2022

Ocracoke and its lighthouse

Ocracoke Island is essentially a sandbar that is 12 miles long. At its southern tip, which is wooded, you'll find Ocracoke Village (pop. 800) with hotels, shops, and restaurants. The only practical way to get to the island is by boat, but there's a paved road all the way up and down the island. Car ferries link Ocracoke Island to Hatteras Island on the north end to and Cedar Island on the south end (Cedar Island a 40 minute drive from Morehead City). There's a third ferry line linking Ocracoke to a place called Swan Quarter (pop. 324) — a 60 minute drive from  "little" Washington, NC.

Above left is a first view of Ocracoke when you are arriving on the ferry from Cedar Island (pop. 350). The whole island is basically at sea level. Above right is a much closer view, taken as the ferry approaches Ocracoke's harbor, which is known as Silver Lake.

Ocracoke suffered extensive damage from flooding a few years ago when a hurricane blew through. This article leads me to believe that most of the damage has been repaired.



  1. It’s an interesting place. There is another way to get there: there is a nice little unattended airport there. Many years ago I flew there in the small airplane I owned at the time. I walked about halfway to town and rented a bicycle to ride the rest of the way. I spent the night there in a very nice accommodation known as the ‘Crews Inn Bed & Breakfast’. I toured the whole island on that bicycle, thoroughly enjoyed the visit. The next day I flew out and went from there to Kill Devil Hills then back home. It was a nice trip.


  2. I'm glad to hear that the flooding damage seems to be repaired, now. What a nightmare flooding can be.

  3. It’s a lovely place.


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