11 August 2022

Saint-Aignan in winter


I'm now officially tired of summer. Our high temperature has been 34ºC (93ºF) for the last two days,
and it's supposed to continue at that temperature or higher for the next three days.
In protest, I'm posting some photos that I took in February ten years ago
around our house and yard as well as out in the vineyard.

So this summer we've had at least 30 days with a high temperature at or above 30ºC, including a few days close to 40ºC. And France is experiencing the driest summer in its recorded history, with no summer rainfall at all in many parts of the country. Have I mentioned that the pond out behind our back gate is as dry as a bone? It's the only time that has happened since the first time we saw the place in 2002.



  1. That makes two of us. I suspect Walt, my family and all of our pets feel the same! At least we have finished our 100th harvest on our farm. Time for ice cream!

  2. Haha - I so agree. Anything over 25C is difficult and temperatures is over 30C makes me positively stupid. -20C is easy in comparison. At least the Netherlands has a lot of water, although not always the right sort in the best spot.

  3. Lovely snow! You will want to remember the heat of summer when February arrives lol. This summer in Alabama has been cooler than our past ones.

  4. Very refreshing photos!

  5. Despite living in Maine, I'm no fan of snow. But we recently had a heat wave (although not quite as bad as yours), including a 96 degree day, and I told someone that at least on a cold and snowy winter day I have heat, and can light a fire also. And put some warming food in the oven.

    1. Really hot weather is unpleasant and even dangerous, just as extremely cold weather is. But I'll take the cold, with the heat on or a fire going, compared to the torrid with no way to escape and no A/C.

  6. Extremes are no fun, that's for sure.
    These snow photos are really nice :)

  7. So many hot days for you! Hope it cools down soon. I was reading an article about fires in France, in the vineyards, this morning. Wasn't quite clear about the location, though.

  8. Your platter is lovely. I enjoyed looking at the European Etsy Delft.

  9. Bravo pour ces photos rafraîchissantes !


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