05 August 2022

Saint-Aignan in summer (26)

It is so much cooler here this morning, and breezy. Today's predicted afternoon high is "only" 29C. That's 85F and nearly ten degrees F cooler than yesterday's high temperature. Mornings have been fairly cool, but yesterday morning it was muggy for about the first time this summer. We had a shower around noontime, and this morning everything outside is wet, so we've been having sprinkles of rain overnight. We have also been warned to expect thunder and lightning today. We slept comfortably upstairs in the loft last night.

The north-facing window and the sliding-glass door in the living room

The kitchen and the guest bedroom

The bathroom and Walt's computer room

Yesterday morning I threw open all the windows and doors on the main level of the house to let refreshing morning air in. I went around and took pictures of all of them. I have all the windows and doors open again right now.


  1. Thanks for the house tour, I’ve always loved your kitchen.

    1. I hope you are feeling completely recovered, BA. Walt and I like the kitchen too. We haven't changed it much in 20 years -- especially not the floor.

  2. Replies
    1. No, window screens are rare here. We get a few flies and moths in the house in summer, and some mosquitos. This year has been so dry that mosquitos haven't put in an appearance this summer. Once in a while a bird or a bat flies in, but not often.

  3. Glad you've had a little bit of a cool down.

  4. What a treat to see your house :)
    Hey, I have the same Pissarro poster! I bought it in Paris, in 1981/82, but missed the exhibit, because it ended in April of '81.

  5. I don't remember seeing that exhibit, but somehow I ended up with the poster. Walt had it mounted on a board in the late 80s in Berkeley.


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