28 August 2022

Riding the Cedar Island–Ocracoke ferry

The ferry ride from Cedar Island to Ocracoke Island takes 2½ hours, for a distance of about 20 miles. On a beautiful day like the one we had on November 9, 2007, it's very pleasant and relaxing crossing. Here are some views.

We're on a car ferry in North Carolina waters. You can also take the ferry as a foot passenger for a fee of $1.00 and just wander around in the village for a few hours before riding back to Cedar Island.

You often see a lot of fishing boats out plying the waters.

These are trawlers. I'm not sure if they were trawling for fish or for shrimp.

The boats are usually being followed by large flocks of sea birds hoping for some tidbits.

You will also pass ferries going in the opposite direction...

...and the stray sailboat, of course.


  1. Great memories of coastal North Carolina. Thank you.

  2. I have good memories there as well, thanks to you, Ken.

  3. You brought back precious memories of my extended family's stays on the Outer Banks in Duck over the years. We would drive south to the ferry that took us over to Ocracoke and enjoy the spectacular beaches there as well as the small town itself. While in Duck, we would rent one of the massively oversized houses that could easily house18+ plus people, some with elevators, multiple master suites, swimming pool, volleyball court, and a huge deck and grill. We had to cancel our latest attempt to go there in 2020 due to Covid. Who knows when we'll have the chance to return. Thanks, Ken, for evoking those memories. Hope you and Walt are well.

    1. Hi Bob, I really miss my trips to the Carolina Coast. I remember way back when, July 1985, Walt and I drove down to Ocracoke from D.C. It was Saturday, July 15. We stopped along the way to walk down to the beach north of Ocracoke Village. The beach was deserted. A big school of dolphins swam by. We went swimming. There was nobody else there. And in the evening, after dinner, we were in our room at the Island Inn in the village, with a covered porch outside, when a really spectacular thunderstorm and lightning display came ashore. It was fantastic.


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