13 October 2021

Recent Mareuil scenes

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I posted a photo of the village hall (la mairie) in Mareuil a few days ago.
On Sunday I took a couple of closeups (above) showing the village's war memorial
(le monument aux morts) so that you can read about what happened in Mareuil in August 1944.
You can see a full view of the mairie by clicking this link.

Above and below are some views of the village streets that I also took on Sunday morning.

4     5
Looking at these photos, you might notice that all the overhead wires
in Mareuil have been undergrounded since I took this photo in 2005.

The grape harvest continues in the vineyard out behind our house, as this phot I took yesterday shows.

7     8
These are mushrooms that I saw on the river walk that I took with the dog on Sunday morning.


  1. This village is typical French. Nice photos.
    In such a small village, Émile Barbier was certainly related to your former hair dresser.

    1. The Barbiers are a local clan, along with the Marteaus, Bigots, etc.

  2. This grape harvest photo is one of my favorites of all your photos.

    1. : ^ )

      The money plant is doing great.

    2. The money plant is no relative to Lunaria aka money du pape when dry.

    3. It's really an Asian money plant. I thought it would enjoy being in your life. :-)

    4. CHM, the plant Evelyn brought me from Alabama is a Chinese money plant, Pilea peperomioides. It's still small but it's looking good and growing.


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