24 October 2021

Le château de Pirou, en Normandie

The château de Pirou is about 60 kilometers north of the Mont Saint-Michel and 30 km south of the town called Barneville-Carteret. Towns of note are Avranches, Granville, Coutances, Cherbourg, and Barfleur, all along the Cotentin coast. The château was built in the 12th century, replacing an older "fort" built of wood.


CHM, our friend and former DC colleague Jeanine (who had a house in Carteret), her old friend Andrée, and I spent a day or two touring around in the area in August 1998. Pirou was one of the first places we went to see. The image above is a composite, stitched together from two separate photos.

Below are some of CHM's other photos of Pirou that he took that day. I'm in two of the pictures, and in one I'm standing between Jeanine and Andrée. These were the early days of digital photography.Enjoy.

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8     9


  1. Formidable le “stitched” ! Looking at these photos of the infancy of the digital photography you can see how far we’ve gone since then. These are really the daguerreotypes of our time.
    I don’t know how many pixels per square inch these photos were, but probably not too many.

  2. I can't find the DPI for those KDC files. The ones I converted to JPG format came in at 96 DPI. Recent photos I've taken with my Sony camera come in at 350 DPI.

    1. Probably, the DPI was very low as compared to now. The rare photos I took with the Quicktake camera you got for me in 1994/95 and I was able to convert in .jpg seem to be as good if not better than the KDC ones. The KDC50 camera was easier to use than the Quicktake’s.

  3. I like seeing these older photos of your younger days.


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