10 October 2021

And now, Saint-Aignan

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Central Mareuil is a two-mile drive from our house, and Saint-Aignan is a two-mile drive as well... in the other direction. Both towns/villages have very old churches that were built in the 11th and 12th centuries.
Here are a few pictures of the much grander church in Saint-Aignan.

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Still, Saint-Aignan is not much more than a village these days, with a population of just 2,800.

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If you count Saint-Aignan and the four villages that border on it — Noyers, Seigy, Châteauviex, and Mareuil —
you come up with a total population of about 8,000 and a total area of 115 km² (45 mi²).
The city of Paris is smaller at 105 km² (40 mi²) with a population of more than two million!
The Saint-Aignan area attracts a million visitors a year, primarily to go to the zoo at Beauval.


  1. I’m surprised there are so few people in Saint-Aignan. The town looks bigger.
    The collégiale de Saint-Aignan is dedicated to saint Aignan. It is a beautiful building in my favorite style, the Romanesque.
    I don’t recall having been inside!
    As usual, your photos are very good, no matter the camera you use.

    1. I looked back at blog posts and my photo archives, and I didn't find anything that would convince me that we two ever went inside the church in Saint-Aignan.

  2. I've been enjoying watching the baby pandas grow, at the zoo :)

  3. St Aignan is such a pretty village.

  4. With just a population of 2,800...I wish we could make it 2,802.


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