28 October 2021

Three major Normandy monuments...

One long view, one close view of each, all enlargeable...

La Cathédrale de Coutances

Le Mont Saint-Michel

La Cathédrale de Rouen

Here in Saint-Aignan, we have some busy days coming up. The tile/masonry contractor (whose bid for major work around the house we signed last December) finally called yesterday. He said he'd come by either today or tomorrow to take some final measurements in advance of getting the work under way. Wish us luck.


  1. Here is what the Bretons say, Le Couesnon (a river) dans sa folie mit le Mont Saint-Michel en Normandie, mais lorsqu'il reprendra raison, le Mont redeviendra breton.
    The Coutances cathedral is one of the most beautiful in France.
    An obscure cheese made in the Coutances region is absolutely delicious, creamy and nutty.
    The Rouen cathedral is a unique gem.
    Excellent photos.
    I wish you luck!

  2. Love MSM with the poppies! I'll be shocked if the contractor comes today. Your patience is paying off. Bonne chance!

  3. Rouen Cathedral is remarkable - I wasn't really familiar with it except the series of paintings done by Monet. But of course you can't see the unusual central tower in those. Speaking of art, the first photo with the hay is perfect to use as the subject of a painting!

  4. Coutances... I've never seen it before!
    I am so pleased for you both to be getting the deck work done, finally!


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