12 October 2021

A Saint-Aignan panorama, plus some more Cher river views

I can't resist putting together these composite panoramic images. I made this one by "stitching" together three separate photos that I took years ago. This is the "skyline" of Saint-Aignan on a clear, sunny day. On a PC, you can click on it to see it full-screen, and then click on it again to see it at full size. You can also press the F11 function key to put the browser into full-screen mode. On a tablet, you can touch it or tap on it to enlarge it, and then "pinch" and "unpinch" it with your fingers to resize it.

Sunday morning, I decided to take a walk along the Cher river with the dog. I hadn't done that in years, I believe. I posted pictures of the river walk along the Cher a few days ago, here and here, taken when the sky was very clear. On Sunday, however, the morning was fooggy. In photos 2, 3, and 4 you can see the kind of photos I was able to take. (Photo #5 is one I took years ago but have never before posted, I believe.)

2    3

4    5


  1. Excellent stitching of excellent photos. I love the “foggy” photos, but especially #2 and #4 and mostly #2. Sonny?

  2. Very cool views— I love the panorama!

  3. We benefitted from your foggy walk. I also used those F1 and F2's for the first time. I need to learn more about my laptop!

  4. I like the hazy atmospheric pictures - great light in those!

  5. Photo 2 looks like an impressionist painting. So beautiful.

  6. There is a pigeon right on top of the gable across from the transept’s tower.


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