16 October 2021

Last photos of old Saint-Aignan... for now

1    2    3
I took the three photos above from the east side of Saint-Aignan, looking west toward the church and the château.

A detailed view of part of the town's skyline

 5    6    7
The photo in the middle shows one of the more formal and handsome buildings in Saint-Aignan.
The photos on either side might give you an idea of what the Bastille Day parade was like.


  1. Photo #4 is a view of the side of the chateau that I don’t especialy like because it is built de bric et de broc, of bits and pieces.
    De bric et de broc is akin to bric à brac. Same idea..
    Photo #6 is what we call in French a maison de maître. It could be the town hall in a village.

  2. Ken, do they do an outside town dance on July 13th evening, in Saint Aignan?

    1. I don't remember hearing about a Bastille Day dance, Judy.


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