11 October 2021

Murals inside the church in Saint-Aignan

The Saint-Aignan church you saw in the photos I posted yesterday was built in the 11th and 12th centuries on top of an even older church or chapel built in about the 6th century. That smaller building became the crypt of the newer church. Murals were painted on its interior walls between the 12th and 15th centuries. Here are some photos of them. I'm posting them at a very large size so you can see more detail. Click or tap on them to enlarge the view.

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  1. Unfortunately, for some of them, time hasn’t been kind. In all, they seem more sophisticated than those of the French Sistine Chapel at Saint-Savin, south of you.
    If angels and the Holy Spirit have wings to go about, what does God do, he’s got no wings? He just sits there on his cloud?

    1. Does God have a dog or a cat?

    2. One thing I read said the crypt of the church was used as a wine cellar in the 19th century.

    3. For chm: I'm pretty sure God IS a cat, but I'm happier hanging out with my dog!


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