30 January 2017

What to expect

You never know, do you? A few days ago, our morning low temperatures were in the 20s ºF — as low as –6ºC. Even our afternoon high temperatures were below freezing. We were in the middle of a fairly long cold snap. Not now.

Jan. 30, 2010 — I can't find any photos indicating that this snow shower ever amounted to much.

Today, in fact, the temperature at 6 a.m. is nearly +9ºC, which is nearing 50ºF. So the thaw has arrived, and it seems fairly durable, as the weather people say. Problem is, it's supposed to rain all day, and maybe all week.

Jan. 30, 2012 — we were headed into the deep-freeze and would have the longest, coldest spell in years.

I just looked back a few years to see if I took any photos on January 30 back then. I found these three. It's obvious that the late-January weather here is highly unpredictable.

Jan. 30, 2014 — it looked like spring that year. Notice that the utility pole had been taken down, improving the view.

It'll be a rainy day today, and a cooking day for me. I'll be making braised beef (a thick slab of chuck roast) and carrots for today's rainy day lunch. I hope the weather doesn't repeat last year's pattern, with heavy winter and spring rains that can lead to severe flooding. Anyway, we actually need the rain because the winter has been pretty dry.


  1. I managed outside yesterday in just a T shirt. Even opened the windows for most of the afternoon. Heard a bee buzzing around the roses (yes, we still have roses). It's always mild in the south but this is extreme.

  2. Well, you have a lovely view no matter what the weather, and a yummy braised beef filling the kitchen with the smell of tasty food, so that, at least, is constant :)

  3. Having all that open sky in one view is a gift .. I love your view, regardless of weather and time of year.
    I bet I would like your cooking too :)

  4. How nice to see an headline of "What to Expect," and find a write-up about...the weather.
    Enjoy your lunch.

    1. So my catchy title worked.

      And the lunch of boeuf aux carottes was very satisfying.

    2. Most of what I read these days is terrifying. You and Walt are my port in a storm.

  5. Sounds like North Carolina weather! One day it's freezing and the next day I'm in shorts!


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