25 January 2017

Tiny icicles

Yesterday as the day dawned we saw that a heavy, freezing fog had formed overnight. I went out into it with the dog. It didn't really feel very cold out in the vineyard, but everything more than a foot or two above ground level was covered in tiny, spiky icicles. They looked like thorns or needles, but they were just ice formations.

Late in the afternoon, all the little ice spikes had melted. Then it started snowing. I don't know yet whether it snowed more overnight. The temperature is just below freezing this morning.


  1. Wow! It sounds like you've had much more exciting weather than us. It's just gloomy and cold here.

    1. We have a dusting of snow on the ground and especially on the road. The frozen fog was really beautiful yesterday.

  2. Ken these pictures (especially the first) are amazing. Nature is so creative. ;-)

  3. And here I am, sweating with 39 degrees...! Safe travels, Ken!

  4. Those really are amazing photos! What a delight. :)

  5. What amazing photographs!Hoar frost or Rime ice. I just read an article about them, but I'm still not sure. I think your photos are rime ice....https://cathybell.org/2013/01/02/hoar-frost-and-rime-ice-whats-the-difference/

  6. I love the second picture a lot :-)
    We were expecting snow yesterday - starting from Monday night until noon but we got sleet that turned into freezing rain by 6 AM and guess what happened - most of the roads and Hwys turned into ice rinks for the morning commute.

  7. These photos belong in an article or a book of "Natures Beauty" :)
    As wonderful as it looks, right now, I am quite content with not seeing ice outdoors today.


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