26 January 2017

Still nippy

I don't yet know if, this morning, our back yard looks like these photos from 48 hours ago. However, I do know that the temperature is 25ºF or lower. Our outdoor thermometer reads –4.5ºC, and it was just barely above freezing in the greenhouse when I looked in there an hour ago. In another hour or so, I have to go for a walk in the vineyard with the dog.

Yesterday we didn't have freezing fog but we had a good dusting of snow on the road and the ground until afternoon. Then it suddenly melted. Unfortunately, by 5 p.m. the temperature was back below freezing. We are not used to this kind of weather. Temperatures have been below freezing on 15 mornings this month. The last time we had such a long cold snap was in February 2012. (If you read the old post I just linked too, you will understand why we are happy to have had a new boiler put in last year.)

For days the French national weather service, MétéoFrance, has been predicting an imminent thaw, but it never comes. Now it's predicted to happen tomorrow, over the weekend, and all next week, with rain. I was going to go out with the car yesterday, but it was just too icy and our hill is too steep. Maybe tomorrow. I need to go to the pharmacy, and I need to take the Peugeot in for service — if it will start after sitting out in frigid weather for a week.


  1. looks like in a fairy tale

  2. We are minus 7 Centipede here this morning.... and I decided that it was not a day for going anywhere, also.... and, as you know, we are pretty flat around here!!
    I love these 'Spikecicle' pictures... it must be the combination of cold and a lack of wind that has allowed these to form!

  3. Beautiful photos. We were supposed to get sun and 10 C today, but it looks like fog has moved in. In the south, 2012 was much worse--it's rare here for temps to stay below freezing during the day, and that year it happened for a 10-day stretch. Killed lots of palm trees.

  4. Get that oven cranking with something yummy in it :)

  5. and it's been a very warm january here.....even the forsythia started blooming....and our new leaders question climate change

  6. It is chilly and gloomy in Florida fgs ! It is fine though, a change from that incessant sunshine .. birds singing, the whole 9 yards ! lol and reminding me of "home" .


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