28 January 2017

Shooting birds...

...with a little camera. Yesterday I was sitting in my chair in the living room, typing on my laptop computer, when I noticed several robins hopping around on the front terrace. They were eating the stuff the tit birds throw down when they are feeding on the suet balls hanging from the railing.

I sort of idly picked up the camera and snapped a few shots to see if the camera would be able to capture a clear image of one of these little birds. European robins are about the size of a sparrow. I was taking photos through the glass of  the doors that open onto the terrace.

Robins here are not at all the same species as the American robin, which is a kind of trush and is a much larger bird. What they have in common is their red breast.

The robin s were aware of me, and the one below seemed to be watching me out of the back corner of his eye. I was making the robins nervous, which is not hard to do.

This one suddenly jumped off the edge of the terrace and was gone. I decided to give the robins a break and let them peck around in peace after that.


  1. Great pictures Ken. Especially the first. He seems to be looking right at you.

  2. They often seem almost human-friendly, but I suspect that's because they have a habit of following gardeners around when they're digging, in the hope something tasty has been brought to the surface. And, of course, they tend to be more visible in the winter, especially in cities - and are easily confused by street lights into singing all night!

  3. J'ai le même à la maison . Bonne journée et couvrez vous bien .

  4. Years ago in Carteret (France) there was a robin (rouge-gorge) in a tree in J's yard who seemed very comfortable with us, but was seating too far and too high from me to be able to take a good picture.

  5. Great photos! French robins certainly look very different from American ones.

  6. It's so cool to see a different set of "everyday" common birds than what we're used to here. Great job capturing him in photo!

  7. I love these ! I am an avid bird watcher ... not that I dress up funny and go out looking for birds but I love seeing birds wherever I go .. Buenos Aires had some pretty fabulous birds :)
    And here in Florida, we have Robins as you know them .. with Southern accents :)


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