14 March 2016

Vivement le printemps !

That means something like "Bring on springtime!" You can see and feel it happening these days. It's been a dreary winter, and now we are finally getting some dry weather and a little bit of sunlight.

The primroses in our yard are blooming, but they're not as pretty as they are in years when winter is colder. They nearly drowned over the winter, I guess, with all the rain that fell.

Our house seen from out on the edge of the vineyard looks pretty good. Just a few days of bright sunshine would make the blossoms on my plum tree really explode into full color. We'll see.

It will be interesting to see if we get fewer apples after the pruning of the trees in February, or if we get even more than last year. Actually, this should be an off year for apples. They produce every other year here.

That's another plum tree that is starting to blossom now. On the right is an ornamental cherry tree that is also just waiting for a little more sun and warmth before bursting into color.


  1. Your is a very handsome and solid looking house, without frippery. Is that the back door? I would have thought there would be more shelter for drying off people and wet dogs.

    1. The back door opens into a utility room where there's a washer/dryer combo, the boiler, and a shower stall, along with three big storage closets. It's our mud room in winter and spring, and Callie gets two showers a day down there, when needed.

  2. Our star magnolias have blossomed, and our daffodils are in full bloom! I can't wait to see your fruit trees in bloom :)

  3. It is still so cold and wet and dreary in NY State ... I long to see a flower coming up somewhere.
    Well, it won't be long as I am moving South in a very short time.
    I must pack !! lol

  4. I also love the color of your house .. warm and solid and beautiful.


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