30 March 2016

Scenes from a dog's walk

Ugh. It's raining again this morning. And I have to take the dog out in it. Speaking of that, here are a few scenes from one of our recent walks.

For a dog, it's all about smells. For me, it's all about photos. Here we have just stepped out of the house and we're walking out to the back gate. Callie is already sniffing.

The first thing we see as we go out the back gate is the pond. It's mostly gray at this time of year. When there's no wind, the reflections are good, though. Look how much mistletoe is growing in that apple tree.

Callie and I don't usually walk along the road that you can see in the pond picture above. We wander up and down rows of vines. Right now, the vineyard is fairly skeletal in look. It goes on beyond the horizon.

There's one small wooded area that Callie really likes to walk through. There's a lot to smell of in there. We've actually worn a path through the woods by walking in there on so many mornings.


  1. It's good that you have Callie to take for walks -- keeps you up on that routine!

    1. In reality, it is Callie who takes me for a walk every day. One afternoon, one morning. Then Walt one afternoon and one morning. Rinse and repeat...

  2. I'm reading a book called "Sapiens:A Brief History of Time" which says that dogs joined us 15,000 years ago and maybe before that. You and Callie are recreating history when you go out on your hunts ;-)


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