15 March 2016

Images of the season

March came in like a lion, with heavy rain and snow showers, quite a bit of wind, and basically miserable weather. Now the month seems to have settled down. Early spring brings cold mornings but pleasant afternoons.

There's no sign yet of any new growth out in the vineyard. The vines are pruned back and when there's a shower or a heavy dew, drops of water on the support wires sparkle in the morning sun.

Sunsets like the one above are both blindingly bright and slightly hazy gray. Even so, the sun is slowly drying out the soggy ground, and the hours of daylight are longer and longer as the days pass.

Above you see the state of the vegetable garden. I'm thinking about trying to till up the soil in a couple of days. It might still be too wet underneath the dry-looking surface, but only by working in the dirt will I know. One of the local people's main occupations here is planning, planting, tending, and harvesting the annual jardin potager.


  1. And, we know that we can expect to see some great veggies popping up from the earth, there in your garden--looking forward to it :)

  2. At this time of year when things can be not as pretty as other times of year, this has its own stark beauty.

  3. The light is special this time of year.


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