29 March 2016

Scenes of the season

We had stormy weather yesterday, with a lot of wind but not really very much rain. There were showers, though, on and off all day long. Today is supposed to be showery too.

I guess that is typical for late March, a month which seems to be going out like a lion this year after coming in like a lion earlier. Callie and I went out for a walk in the rain yesterday morning. The weather woman on Télématin just said that it's supposed to rain again tomorrow but then the end of the week will be fairly pleasant.

Yesterday's sunset was pretty, as you can see from my photos. And the tree out front, just off the terrace, is in full flower right now. It's an ornamental cherry tree and doesn't bear fruit. That's a big plum tree, with white blossoms, sort of behind it. It does bear fruit.

I noticed that our potted tarragon plant is coming to life again, for its third or fourth season. I left the pot outside all winter — we never had a hard freeze and the plant wasn't at risk. Oregano is coming up in another pot that stayed out in the cold all winter. Yesterday I planted dinosaur and red Russian kale in two little pots and I'm hoping those seeds will be quick to come up. Then they can be transplanted out in the garden when the weather is warmer.


  1. That flowering cherry is magnificent!!
    Almost worth buying a house for....

    1. Yesterday's wind blew most of the petals off the plum blossoms, but the cherry blossoms are unscathed. We didn't know how showy the cherry tree was until a year after we bought the house, because we became owners by proxy in April but didn't arrive here until June. It wasn't until the next March that we saw it flower.

    2. We had the same with the cherry tree that is just outside the lounge window...
      we always seemed to be here when it flowered, so only knew it was attractive...
      and it was destined to go or be severely chopped back.
      It wasn't until our permanent move that we realised that it had wondrous fruit!!
      It turns out that the grandfather of Richard, our farmer neighbour, grafted it for the tenant farmer here... but although it is from a tree up at theirs, he doesn't know the variety.

    3. And your tree has a very Japanese feel to it.

  2. The white cherry trees are blooming on my street which are my favorites. The dogwoods bloomed at Easter this year since it was early.

  3. Ken

    Tarragon and Oregano are considered perennials and should come back. I have mine in pots, which I bring in for the winter season but by Xmas they are dead - not enough light. So the cycle begins every May for new herbs except for chives, rosemary and bay leaves plant

    1. In past years I've brought the tarragon indoors and it has turned all brown and looked dead. But it has always re-grown from the roots. This year I just left it outdoors. The oregano comes back every year no matter what.


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