23 October 2011

Some sidewalk scenes

From Champagne (the town of Vertus on the south end of the Côte des Blancs) and from Bourgogne (that's Burdundy, at Chablis). Maybe this will convey the feel of walking on the sidewalks in small French towns. Click on the pictures to enlarge them.

A café-tabac in Vertus

Also in Vertus, this picturesque house...

...and this one, which seems almost haunted

And in Chablis, showing a bakery, a wine shop,
and a French deli or charcuterie

The weather here is cold, especially early in the day, and clear. Summer is a fading memory. Predictions are for a slightly warmer but much damper week, with rain by Tuesday. I'm looking forward to that.


  1. The nights have certainly got a lot colder up here in Brittany as well. But lovely clear days. I am also looking forward to some rain as the soil is still bone dry, and like you say it will be a little warmer.
    Keep up the great posts Jim.

  2. Two thumbs up for the street shots :)

  3. The only difference I see is that the smaller towns have fewer buildings and some may not be more than two or three stories.

  4. Difference, Starman? Compared to what, Florida?

    Judy, :^)

    Steve, who's Jim?


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