19 October 2011

October 18 sunrise at Saint-Aignan

I always put a lot of photos in my posts, but I don't like posts that are just photos without much text. Well, here's one anyway. This time of year, as the weather changes from warm and dry to chilly and damp, our skies here in Saint-Aignan are spectacular, especially at sunrise and sunset.

Below, three photos I took yesterday between 8:00 and 8:15 as
Callie and I set out on our morning walk into the vineyard

Yesterday was a good example. Clear weather was ending as a rain front moved into northern France off the Atlantic Ocean and the British Isles. The early morning hours were a lot windier than they had been for a couple of weeks. Sunrise, which occurs at about 8:30 a.m. right now, cast a pink and purple glow onto the wispy clouds that were starting to form overhead.

And then three photos that I took at 8:18,
all from the same spot but at different zoom levels

The walk wasn't a long one. We only went about halfway out into the vineyard — a kilometer or so — because I was too busy taking pictures from my favorite places and angles to walk much farther. Callie just did her exploring and smelling, waiting for me. Farther out, as you get to the higher ground at the top of the vineyard, the views change completely. They're better when you're closer to the river valley, because of the differences in elevation I think.

And finally, three shots I took between 8:24 and 8:27,
as I was getting close to the house

I'm using a Panasonic Lumix DMC-ZS1 digital camera, which is small enough to fit in my pocket. I love the camera, and I've had it for three years now I believe, but I'm starting to get visions of a new camera in my future. Don't forget that you can click the pictures with your mouse to see them at a larger size.


  1. Nice pics. The very last one amazes me. Did you use bracketing or another technique to get the foreground well exposed?

    You certainly know this site, but they have the best camera reviews around, so I thought I might share the link here:

  2. Thanks Jan, yes I do know that site for camera reviews.

  3. Great pictures Ken... I agree with you about the difference 'twixt valleys and plains. Pauline and I were driving over to Yzeures-s-C this w/e and saw a longére similar to ours "up on the tops" and decided that the change in the view during the seasons in a valley are much more pronounced.

  4. Like they say in French: Je suis béa d'admiration !
    Very impressive .

  5. You know how I like sunrises and these are great! Thanks.

  6. I can't remember the last time I saw a sunrise or a sunset. I get up way too late for sunrise, and we're on the wrong side of the building for sunset.

  7. Jan -- Thanks for the camera review site. Next time I'm looking for a camera I'll try to remember to look at it.
    I got a little Sony last year and although the pictures are very good, I was disappointed that the screen/viewfinder started going opaque, just a few months after the purchase. They did change it under guarantee and I hope the new screen holds up better.

  8. Glorious! Love that sky. :)


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