17 October 2011

Minus the haze

Remember this photo from the other day? Just below is another one of the same subject that I took a couple of seconds later, after my camera's lens had gotten defogged. It was our second day in Bouzy, and we had bought these two bottles the day before. Yes, they were empty.

So what are they? Château de Bligny is a champagne house in the Aube département. The property is a few miles east of the city of Troyes. The grapes grown there are Chardonnay, and the champagne is 100% Chardonnay — a Blanc de Blancs. We found it to be exceedingly dry and chalky-tasting. We had bought it at the supermarket.

But maybe that was because we tried it right after tasting the other one, which we had bought in a shop in Bouzy. It's a Blanc de Noirs, which means the grapes used to make it were exclusively Pinot Noir. The wine was much fruitier. Bouzy is in the Marne département, north of the Aube and much closer to Epernay and Reims.

I still have some posts to do about our trip to Champagne. On the radio and on TV, they're saying that today might our last nice summery day of the year. Rain is moving in. I've got to get some yard and garden work done.


  1. I'm going to take my new-found knowledge of champagnes to the store with me next time and take a look at the bottles of champagne to see what I find available around here. :) Usually, I would just be staring at a bunch of words on the label.

  2. I wonder if these are available in South Florida?


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