25 October 2011

Maisons de Vertus

I have a friend who really likes photos of houses, so here are some. They are in the town called Vertus at the south end of the Côte des Blancs in Champagne. Vertus is one of those towns, like Tonnerre in Burgundy, that I would like to visit again. It seems like a bigger town, but its official population is only about 2800, making it smaller than Saint-Aignan.

Two pictures of the same house, from different sides

I posted a closeup of this house's windows the other day.
I'd love to see what it looks like inside.

These two houses are next door to each other and I wonder
if both are owned by the Georges Pougeoise champagne business.

We had hard rain last night here in Saint-Aignan, but not nearly as much as they got out on the far tip of Brittany, where there was serious flooding. The Mediterranean coast is getting heavy rains today, and weather warnings have been posted down there. We're lucky to have mild weather right now.


  1. I too like pictures of houses, especially if they have a "for sale" sign.

  2. I like pictures of houses, too! But I think I enjoy all your pictures. I have French ancestors on one side, but never spent a lot of time there...Perhaps it was only a month total in the last 40 years, Paris and driving there and back from Germany in '74, a time in the north on the way to Luxemburg, driving to Calais from Ravensburg and a few weeks in Provence and the time driving there from the north. I enjoy all these pictures you show us of France and all the information you share. Thanks.

  3. One has to wonder why that old
    house is left to deteriorate.
    Maybe a family feud over
    ownership? Really a shame.
    You don't suppose someone is
    actually living in there do you?

  4. And there's me thinking this was going to be about houses for saintly people....

  5. No, the twos houses are not owned by Champagne Pougeoise business... only the one with pinky flowers.


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