21 July 2007

Looking for a puppy?

I know two puppies that are looking for a home. No, not Callie — she's settled in here and we're keeping her.

Long-legged Callie on 19 July 2007 at La Renaudière

One of the pups is one of Callie's litter mates. He's a little male who will be five months old tomorrow (as will Callie), having been born on Feburary 22 at the Elevage du Berger de la Vallée des Géants in the hamlet called Ventuile near the village of Blomard and the town of Montmarault in the Allier department in central France. His father is Vince du Vent des Moissons and his mother is Ruby du Berger etc. And his name is Cody.

Bonjour. Je m'appelle Cody et je suis le frère de Callie.

If you want Cody, check the kennel's web site and contact the owner, Annick Vincent. Her e-mail address is on the site. I don't know what the purchase price is, but I'm sure Cody has had all his shots and medical checkups, and he is registered with the French kennel club as a pure-bred red Border Collie. Red and tan and white, I guess I should say.

Seeing Cody on Annick Vincent's web site made me want, briefly, to see about bringing him here to live with Callie. But then somebody (was it you, Tom?) said it's not a good idea to keep two pups from the same litter together. Why is that? Do they get too attached to each other? We plan to have Callie spayed in about a month's time, so there would be no danger of them having puppies.

And then having a second dog is not something we had ever really considered. It might be biting off more than we can chew. (Why does the chewing metaphor spring immediately to mind?)

Yesterday we learned that a friend of ours is looking for a new home for her puppy, a year-old shih-tzu & terrier cross who very much resembles the shih-tzu side of his family. Bentley is his name, and he is Callie's best dog friend. He's energetic and affectionate.

Bentley with Walt back in April

Our friend's personal and professional circumstances have changed radically since she adopted Bentley last year, and she now realizes she can't give him the attention he needs. If you or anybody you know would like to adopt Bentley, let me know and I'll put you in contact with our friend.


  1. As I started reading I was thinking you guys should take Callie's brother - he is soooo cute...but then reality set in. We heard that the reason not to take two from the same litter is that they bond with each other and not with you. After watching Chaucer play with his siblings we are quite sure that if one of them lived here, Chaucer would have no use for us........

    Callie is sure adorable - love the pics of her adventures. What a lucky dog to live in a vineyard!

  2. Hi Candy, maybe it was you and John who told us about the bonding issues with two dogs from the same litter. I thought it might have been you or our friend Tom in Illinois. Cody does look like a sweet dog, doesn't he? I'm sure he has a good home in La Vallée des Géants, though.

    Callie is doing great. She loves her walks now, leash or not.

    Looks like I might be going to N.C. in Oct./Nov., later than I had been planning. K.

  3. It wasn't me who said anything about two pups from the same litter. I don't think it's much of a problem. Our neighbor has two Jack Russell Terriers that are brother and sister.

    The problem I see is that the dogs are the same age and subject to the same genetic problems (if there will be any). That could be anything from cancer to kidney disease. So if one gets sick with something like that you stand a chance that you would lose two dogs close to each other if they both get it. Not a show stopper, but something to think about.


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