17 December 2006

Deux mésanges

Five or six species of birds are the most frequent feeders around La Renaudière. There are European robins [rouges-gorges], chaffinches [pinsons des arbres], blackbirds [merles], European jays [geais], nuthatches [sittelles], and tits [mésanges].

There are several types of tit birds, but the two most common here seem to be great tits [mésanges charbonnières] and blue tits [mésanges bleues]. I'm learning how to tell them apart.

You can see the differences in color above.
The great tit (called charbonnière, coal-colored,
in French) is black. The bird on the right is definitely blue.
It also has an eye-stripe that the great tit doesn't have.

Here's a second view. The great tit is clearer here. It has a black cap,
without the eye-stripe. The blue tit's head is blue (quelle surprise !).

So this is a blue tit, judging by the eye-stripe.
The blue color is just barely visible.

Other birds we see a lot of are wood pigeons, green woodpeckers, spotted woodpeckers, treecreepers, and other finches including goldfinches. I've also seen rarer birds, like a kingfisher [martin pêcheur] and a hoopoe [huppe fasciée]. Plus pheasants and ducks, bien sûr.


  1. Those are so difficult to photograph. They won't stay put! Great shots here. They are such lovely birds!

  2. Quelles adorables photos :-) ! Je ne mets plus de boules de graisse aux branches du sapin because Filou le Chat ! Mais comme il a l'air de ne plus grimper aux arbres, je pourrai en remettre, j'adorais voir les mésanges près de notre chambre :-) J'avais même installé une p'tite maison... bleue pour elles ! On a supprimé l'arbre près de notre chambre car ses racines risquaient d'endommager la terrasse quand on l'a installée... Il reste le sapin en face de la salle et de la cuisine... SI Filou ne décide pas d'en refaire son repaire... Peut-être que le poids qu'il a pris depuis quelque temps le rend plus paresseux... Bises et bon dimanche ! Marie

  3. You knew I would enjoy this post. And I did! I applaud your starting to notice bird details. I echo Marie's bon dimanche!

  4. Lovely photos and what array of birds you get there!
    Here in Florida, I am getting more and more into wading and hunting brds -living next to the Everglades which encompasses wetlands, salt and freshwater marshes, and mangrove islands, I really have no choice :-)


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