06 July 2022

Walking with Bertie

Three times last week, Bertie the black cat came along for my afternoon walks around the vineyard with Tasha.
For two of those walks, our friend Jill was walking with us as well. I can only remember one other time,
years ago, when Bertie went out walking with us.

I hadn't taken my camera with me on the days when four of us went out walking. Jill took these with her iPhone.


  1. Bertie's looking very sleek.

    1. Bert doesn't seem to be able to gain weight. He eats twice as much food as Tasha every day, and still he stays skinny. He's 16 years old.

  2. How fun to have him tag along with the group!

  3. It must have appeared to be a 'party' and he didn't want to be left out of such a fun time!


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