04 July 2022

The River Walk (1)

Yesterday afternoon, Jill and I took Tasha on a walk along the river (le Cher). We ended up walking 2.5 miles in all, from
a spot near our house to the center of our village and back, along a path on the left bank, with perfect weather.

This was the first time in many months that Tasha had been able to walk off-leash. There were no cars, and we saw
no people or animals, so the dog wasn't tempted to run and jump. She just trotted along close to us.

     Above on the left is an area where fields go right down to river's edge.
On the right is a view of the river looking north toward the right bank.


  1. Looks like a lovely walk, such pretty countryside. Happy Fourth of Juillet to tout le monde here. ;-)

    1. I agree with you D. Where there is water, it always makes it a good background for beautiful photos as these show.

  2. Very calming to hear you, your house guest and Tasha got out for a nice walk to the river and back! Happy Fourth to all!


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