07 July 2022

Couscous for guests and for us

Tomatoes. Carrots. Turnips. Zucchini. Eggplant. Bell peppers. Haricots verts. Chickpeas. Onion. Okra. Lamb. Chicken. Grilled sausages. That's couscous, flavored with North African spices, a kind of curry powder. And served with couscous "grain" cooked with raisins. I made couscous and we had two meals of it (Thurs. and Sat.) while Jill and Peter were here.

Then Walt and I had couscous again on Tuesday. When Walt went to the butcher's shop to buy some more
merguez (lamb + beef) sausages, there weren't any to be had. So he bought veal sausages spiced
with Basque country piment d'Espelette as well as a Spanish chorizo. Unconventional, but delicious.


  1. That looks soooo delicious...!

  2. Oooh, I bet you had a great time having someone to cook with, and for, again!

  3. This looks fantastic! I wish we could get merguez here in the UK easily but alas not.


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