16 July 2022

Saint-Aignan in summer (6)

If you have stayed at the Grand Hôtel Saint-Aignan, as I know some of you have, you might be surprised to see
what it looks like now. It underwent major renovations in 2020. I've never stayed there myself but I have seen
some of the rooms. The hotel dates back to the 1880s.

From what I've read on TripAdvisor, air-conditioning was not put in as part of the recent renovations, so beware.
Speaking of hot weather, it's cooler this morning than it has been for a few days,
but very high temperatures are predicted for next week.


  1. Oh, my gosh, I just saw your comment on the last blog post, about how high the temperatures will be Monday and Tuesday. Take care!

  2. That is a beautiful, grand looking hotel. But air conditioning these days is a must!

    1. The climate here is changing so fast. I remember a hot summer in Paris in 1975, and there was a severe drought in 1976. Then there was the Grande Canicule of 2003, the year we arrived here and moved in. Since then, we've had hot summer weather several times, but never as prolonged and extreme as this summer. Or as early (June and July instead of August). It will be interesting to see what August brings...

  3. One of my pickleball friends probably just arrived in Paris today, Sunday, to start a Rick Steve's 2-week tour in France and then she and her daughter will spend a week with a friend in Geneva, Switzerland. I'm hoping they will not suffer too much with the proposed heat and fires in the south of France.


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