13 July 2022

Saint-Aignan in summer (3)

It's actually slightly cooler outside this morning than it was yesterday morning. I hope that's good news.
Still, it's much warmer in the house, at about 25ºC (77ºF). I've got windows and doors wide open
all around to cool the house down before the sun comes up. The predicted high today
is 35ºC on two sites we track, and 36ºC on the other.
Worst case, then, is a high of 97ºF.


  1. Hoping you are enjoying something cool and refreshing to eat and drink, during this heat spell.

  2. Temperatures here went down to high 50's F. during the middle of last night, so I was up and closing almost entirely all of my windows after having cooled down the house from the mid 90's yesterday . The temperatures should be only in the 80's the rest of the week. Without A/C I have to resort to the window openings/closings like you!


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