03 November 2021

Zooming in on the Église Saint-Maclou in Rouen (Normandy)

This is a series of photos of the third major church in Rouen that were taken in different years, in different seasons, and
with two different Canon cameras. From top to bottom the zoom increases and comes to focus on the Église Saint-Maclou.

Saint-Maclou is the church with just one white steeple that you see on the right in the photo above.

In this slightly closer view, you can see how close Saint-Maclou is to the much larger Cathédrale Notre-Dame de Rouen.

Closer still ... Saint-Maclou was built in the Gothic-Flamboyant style between the years 1437 and 1517,
says the Michelin Guide, pointing out that only the spire over the belfry is modern.

The French Wikipédia article about Saint-Maclou says that the church suffered major damage
during World War II when two bombs hit it in 1944.

After 20 years of restoration work, religious services resumed in the church in 1965.
Restoration work is ongoing still.


  1. It looks like there is still another church in the bottom middle of the first photo.
    Grosso-modo, the little gem that is Saint-Maclou sits between its two much larger sisters, the Cathedral and Saint-Ouen.
    I read somewhere that saint Maclou and saint Malo were the same person.
    I like the view from the Corniche, the first one of these very good photos. I have at least one drawing and one pastel of the same view of Rouen by my uncle who lived twenty years in this beautiful city.

    1. All of these are photos that I took from up on the Corniche de Rouen.

    2. There are dozens of churches in Rouen. Up toward the Corniche there are two that might be in my photo: l'église Saint-Paul and la basilique de Notre-Dame de Bonsecours.

  2. Replies
    1. It all depends on the camera. And then there's the post-processing.

  3. This one looks to be a similar scale as Sainte Chapelle. Beautiful stone work in that tower.

  4. The topography of Rouen makes the photos extra interesting.

    1. I hope you've been to the Corniche to see the views of the city. It's very close to MJ's house.


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