28 November 2021

Snow then, ice now

When I came to France in late January 2003, this was the weather I had to deal with.
My friend Jeanine lived on this street, le boulevard des Belges, in Rouen.
Here's what the weather was like on February 1.

By the way, this is what the Vélux skylight windows in our loft looked like late yesterday afternoon. Rain and sleet showers were blowing through. The ice on the window melted away pretty fast, but it was cold outside. Weather reports note that the first snow of the winter has arrived a month early in France.


  1. I hate snow. Period.
    However, in some landscape scenes it could be magical and really beautiful.

  2. Glad the boiler is doing better. Maybe there will be snow for both of us this year...

  3. Snow and ice are so pretty. I just don't like driving in them, but looking... very nice :) The Vélux window looks cool like that.
    A trusted weather forecaster has said that conditions look like my area will have a snowy, cold winter this year. Sometimes we have nothing all winter, sometimes we get socked.

  4. Both pictures really capture the feel of that cold weather. Hope it's followed up with some sunshine for you.

  5. I have a framed print of Monet's "Snow at Argenteuil". That's how I like my snow, imaginary.


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