06 November 2021

Février 2003 dans les rues de Rouen

Walt and I had come to France from California in December 2002, and in four days' time we had found the house where we've been living for the past 18 years. In February 2003 I flew back to France to sign the final papers on the purchase agreement and to measure the rooms in the house so we'd know what furniture we would want to send over here when we actually made our move.

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I flew to Paris and took the train to Rouen to spend a few days with friends there and recover from jet lag. The snowy weather was a surprise — Walt and I had been living in the San Francisco for 15 years, and it never snows there.


My friend Jeanine said she would be glad go to Saint-Aignan with me to see the house we were buying. We drove down here in her car and I got my business done. While I was measuring the rooms in the house, it started snowing in Saint-Aignan too.

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