13 November 2021

More Rouen photos

Here are some miscellaneous photos that I took in Rouen. They didn't get into other posts, so I'm putting them here.

Le Palais de Justice de Rouen

The building in Rouen where my friends
J. and H. lived

Joan of Arc as seen
at the Tour Jeanne-d'Arc

Stained glass in the Église Saint-Ouen

The rose window of the portail des Libraires (north transept) of the Cathédrale de Rouen

La Tour de Beurre
de la Cathédrale de Rouen


  1. Excellent photos. Since Rouen is called “la ville-musée”, there are zillion places, monuments, things and details worth photographying. Well done. Great series!

  2. Wow. It's rare for a photo of the exterior of a rose window to capture the beauty of the stone and the tracery work. Your photo makes us forget about the glass and focus on the stone -- you've really captured the beauty with this photo, Ken!

  3. People who haven't had the opportunity to see these majestic European cathedrales will be amazed when they first are up close to one. Your photos are magnificent for me, as even though I have "seen" them in person, your photos improve that vision immensely. My photography skills need to be practiced before I return there! Your photos are just so clear and detailed! Merci, Ken!


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