04 November 2021

Saint-Maclou close up

The spire atop Saint-Maclou's lantern tower overlooks a neighborhood full of half-timbered houses.

Standing close to the Saint-Maclou church in Rouen and looking skyward

The west front of Saint-Maclou in a 2003 photo

A 2016 photo of Saint-Maclou's west front that I found on a photo blog called Miles and Love

Here's a 1999 photo that CHM took — compare it to this one that I took in 2005.


  1. Maudite tablette! Twice I wrote a comment in Notes and lost while trying to select and copy. Third time I wrote it directly here and lost it half way because of that stupid undo button that I hit accidentally. I give up!

  2. The #3 looks like a crown.

  3. The west front of Maclou is remarkable, both for its beauty and lack of towers. Apparently it is "high Gothic" so later in construction. Hopefully I'll see it one day. With these three churches and the rest of the town, Rouen looks like a good destination.

    1. There is also the gothic Palais de Justice and le Gros Horloge. There is also, Place du Vieux-Marché, the modern (late 20th century) remarkable Sainte-Jeanne-d’Arc church, with re-used beautiful 16th century stained-glass windows.
      Rouen is called la Ville-musée and rightfully so!

    2. I spent 6 months in Aix-en-Provence in 1970. When I arrived in Rouen in 1972 for a 9 month stay, it was quite a shock. So much rainy weather. It was a very dark city (it's been cleaned up quite a bit now) and my living and working conditions were pretty primitive. I grew to enjoy the place though.

  4. The Palais de Justice is amazing. Thanks for referring me to these buildings. This must have been a great place for Ken's first extended stay in France, especially with the very walkable city center.

  5. What a gorgeous building. I just realized, from your first picture, the purpose of all that open stonework in the spires. It lets the air blow through, rather than totally on, and thus likely prevents the wind from knocking them down.


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