14 February 2021

Le gîte à la Menounière en 2021

I mentioned that I'd try to find the current Gîtes de France web page advertising the place we rented on the Île d'Oléron in 2008. I found it, and there are both French and English versions. Looking at the web site, I found rental prices, which vary from 400 euros per week in the off season, and double that in July and August. The gîte could easily sleep four people, or even five, since there are three single beds in the upstairs bedroom. Here are some photos I got off the web site.


Living Room

Kitchen-Dining Area

Downstairs Bedroom

Downstairs Bathroom

Upstairs Bedroom

Upstairs Half-Bath


  1. On today's post I see you published it at 6:00 AM and, still, I could not see it until past 8:45, after I commented on yesterday's post. I thought you might have had problems with Blogger. Any idea?

    Now, I see you posted it at 8:45. Strange, innit?

    1. I think your photos are as good if not better than those from the website.

    2. I could give you a long explanation but let's just say I posted the blog page with the original 6 a.m. timestamp, realized it, and then changed the time to correspond with the reality and posted it again. In other words, no mystery.

  2. The kitchen up date is especially nice. That is a really nice gite before and after.

  3. Thank you, I will be saving the listing for this gite!

  4. Yes, I also have trouble with commenting sometimes...I write them and they don't post. Love the kitchen in this gite!

  5. As chm said yesterday "joyeusetés de l'électronique". LOL


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