11 August 2020

Summertime foods — pasta and "pterodactyl"

Grilling season. A spur of the moment idea: pintade. "Pterodactyl" as American friends called it years ago when they visited and we bought a pintade at the market. It's a guinea hen. Walt got it from the poultry vendor in the market last Saturday. It weighed nearly 2 kilos (just over 4 lbs.) and sold for 6.50€ per kilo — about $3.50/lb.

I wasn't sure I'd be able to cut it up the way I would cut up a chicken, but it turned out to be pretty easy. The plan, given our current afternoon temperatures in the 35ºC range (that's 95ºF), was to cook it on the barbecue grill on the front deck.

We cooked just one leg and thigh and one half of the breast. The other meaty pieces went into the freezer for later. And with the back, neck, and giblets I made broth (despite the hot weather). It was morning and all the windows were open anyway. By noon it would have been to hot in the house...

This is the liver. I poached it briefly in the broth I was making. It was a tender morsel to enjoy with the grilled guinea fowl pieces, and with a pasta salad on the side.

I made the salad with leftover cooked pasta and steamed cauliflower from lunch a few days ago, plus some chickpeas, green beans, and a lot of fresh basil leaves and tomato.

P.S. Sorry I neglected to take any photos of the grilled guinea fowl pieces. Next time...


  1. Ironically, Pterodactyl is kinda correct, since birds are descended from dinosaurs, I think. That pasta looks like a winner for a hot day!

    1. I hadn't thought about that, but you are right. The pasta salad was very good. I dressed it with chardonnay vinegar and olive oil.

  2. I was going to ask if the Pterodactyl came frozen from the permafrost in Siberia? Pintade is my favorite.

  3. Ah, pintade. In the US, it's as rare as hen's teeth. The 2 places I've bought it in the past are both off limits to me now -- France and Quebec.

  4. I’ve never eaten pintade, must do so next time we’re in France. That liver looks delicious and so does the salad and I just happen to have a cauliflower, one of my favorite vegetables. Thanks for all the great meals you inspire!


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