25 August 2020

Le Luxembourg, la Sorbonne, le Quartier Latin, l'île St-Louis, et le Marais

I've spent a couple of hours working with and studying these images that date back to April 2002. I took the photos I used to compose these images from the top of the Tour Montparnasse.

Above is a panorama of the Jardin du Luxembourg, a large public garden on the edge of the Latin Quarter. Between 1975 and 1982, I worked in two schools that were just steps from the garden, the Sorbonne and the Alliance Française, as a teacher.

In this view, the cluster if black rooftops is the Sorbonne complex in what is called the Latin Quarter. Beyond it is the Île St-Louis, one of two large islands in the Seine river (which is not visible). And beyond the island in the neighborhood called le Marais (the swamp, or marsh). That's the Église St-Paul toward the top of the image, I have finally figured out. You can enlarge these images to see more detail.


  1. Great views and easy to see all the Haussmann buildings that line the avenues, creating order and style. A little formal, like an architectural tuxedo...

  2. I never realized the Sorbonne was self contained like it is. There is probably a courtyard inside. Your photos are excellent.

  3. I was curious to know what was the church on the extreme top left of the second photo. It is Saint-Ambroise, located roughly between the places
    de la République and de la Bastille.

    You're right about he church in the mid top of the same photo, next to the place des Vosges, it is Saint-Paul-Saint-Louis on rue Saint Antoine. On the other hand I am miffed at not being able to identify those four white structures above that church. What can they be?

    1. I think those structures might have been something temporary in 2002. I don't see them on Google Maps now.


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