02 August 2020

Morienval encore

Here are a few more photos that I took in Morienval in July 2010.
The first one shows what the church looks like from the outside.

Below is a view of the Renaissance-era choir stalls that were discussed in comments on yesterday's post,
in which I showed a couple of close-ups of the misericords.

The hand below belongs to the face that follows.
It's the hand of a figure called la Vierge de l'Annonciation.

The Michelin guide says that this statue is an example of the art populaire (folk art?) of the mid-16th century.

And I really don't know what this is.


  1. Is the last photo an animal with a human face or vice versa?

  2. The last photo looks like a Koala Bear

  3. La Vierge de l'Annonciation looks very manierist to me for art populaire.

  4. Interesting photo of the misericords, a word I will not forget! That last picture is a mystery isn't it? I remember from studies that many animals, like lions and tigers, had never been seen by the artists in the Moyen Ages, and were based on other drawings they had seen...so maybe? Or maybe not.

    1. Interesting what you say, David, about lions and tigers. That would explain why some animal depictions have human traits. As you say, it's probably the case here.

    2. For those interested in the architectural history of Notre-Dame de Morienval, here is a link to Via Lucis

      Dennis Aubrey died several years ago, The website, Via Lucis is extremely interesting. I recpcommend it warmly.

    3. Thanks for the heads up on Via Lucis, chm. I dove in to check out Chartres and its windows, which is had seen many years ago. I guess Chartres is a 100 years later than Morienval, give or take. I like Ken's closeups in this post too, because you really get the spirit of the objects, and see that the stone sculpture was, in fact, painted.

    4. Hi David, glad you enjoy Via Lucis. There is another website with beautiful photos of the 188 cathedrals of France. But it is difficult to navigate petermathews.net/cathedrales He is a composer!

    5. Thank you, Ken, for the live links. Thank younalso for the link sith so many photos.

    6. The link above to the Peter Matthews site about French cathedrals doesn't work. Try this one instead.

    7. Ken, when I copied the Peter Mathews link, I wasn't sure what it really was. The new one you give is the one I wanted. Many thanks.

      Peter Mathews left a comment at the end of the Via Lucis' Morienval page. He didn.t seem to know that Dennis Aubrey died a year ago in July.

  5. I really like romanesque churches and this one especially since Nuns were in charge I think. The two links are excellent.


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