22 August 2018


One definition of that word, récidive, is: Fait de faire de nouveau ce qu'on a déjà fait. That means "doing again something you have done before." I made another cheesy summer vegetable gratin yesterday. We had a cool morning and still had six or eight zucchinis in the kitchen. Some of them needed to be used.

First I made a quick tomato sauce with fresh tomatoes, onion, garlic, grated carrot, bell peppers, tomato paste, and basil. Walt cooked thick zucchini slices on the barbecue grill. I followed CHM's recipe (in a recent blog comment) and made layers of grilled zucchini, sauce, grated cheese, and thin slices of ham. It cooked for about an hour in the oven at a fairly low temperature, and we used a turkey baster to take extra liquid released by the zukes out of the pan as they cooked. That worked well. It was delicious, and two-thirds of the gratin went into the freezer.


  1. Wow! It sure looks mouth watering. Could it be anything but delicious! Of course, zucchini is more watery than eggplant, but it makes it more moelleux.

  2. I decided not to purée the tomato sauce I made, leaving pieces of tomato, bell pepper, onion etc. in it for texture. Thanks again for the idea and explanation.

    1. The way you prepared the tomato sauce makes this dish look more like a vegetable casserole and that’s good. In any recipe, any variation makes it a new one.

  3. Wow. So nice to have all kinds of fresh, home-grown ingredients for your dishes. Yumm!

  4. You will have tastes of summer in deepest winter and be thankful you put these dishes in the freezer now!

  5. This looks delicious as does everything else you have made! I'm so envious of your summer vegetable bounty. There is nothing like vegetables fresh out of the garden.


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