15 October 2015

The last of the grapes

I don't know about where you are, but here in Saint-Aignan it has turned cold. Cold for October, anyway. We haven't had frost yet, but our high temperature today is supposed to be in the upper 40s ºF — just 9ºC. We keep thinking we should go out and clean up the rest of the garden, but we are waiting and hoping for a warm-up before we do it.

Here are some photos showing the state of the vines around us right now. I took the pictures a couple of afternoons ago. Only stray grapes remain on the vines at this stage. You can see a small bunch above, but in most of the vineyard plots the scene below is more typical. Most of the grapes have been stripped off, leaving just the skeletons of the bunches on the vines.

Often at the end of a row you see a few more grapes hanging on than farther into the vineyard plot. Depending on the plot, and the grape variety occupying it, the colors are different.

Despite what you might think looking at the bright sunlight in the photos here, we had a little bit of rain yesterday afternoon. It might rain again today. The Télématin weather report just told me that our temperatures right now would be more typical of late November or early December. It's snowing in the mountains in France, and it snowed in parts of Germany yesterday. We got our chimney swept and our boiler up and running just in time.


  1. European fall tree colouring must be wonderful to see but I think some areas of north America are even better.

  2. We had a cold spell earlier this month that went away. I hope you get some warm air again soon. The grape vines are beautiful in the fall.

  3. We are still ~ single digit at night and no frost on the island yet but, by next week ,it will be around 0C and the minus sign

  4. In Poland now the fall is vetry cold like in December

  5. High 80's yesterday, 79 at the moment. Your chilly weather looks really inviting about now.


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