05 October 2015

Pairs of Paris pix

Yes, pairs of Paris pictures. The first is from April 2002, taken with a 10x zoom Canon camera.

The second photo is from August 2015, and was taken with a 30x Panasonic Lumix camera. Tour Saint-Jacques was being repaired and restored in 2002. I notice one apartment building in the upper right-hand corner than has been repainted since 2002.

The original photos side by side show the difference. The 2015 image (on the right) has so much more resolution that I was able to crop out the center and get an image that matched the much lower-resolution 2002 image (on the left). Actually, the older image looks sharper.

Here's one more taken at a higher zoom in 2015.

Yesterday morning we went out and pulled up all the tomato plants in the vegetable garden. Neither one of us took photos. Most of the tomatoes were suffering from damp weather and blight. I saved a few. I also pulled out all the green bean plants, and saved quite a few overgrown beans, which I will shell out as they dry a little more. Today we are supposed to have rain for a good part of the day.


  1. Being the proud owner of a 2008 Panasonic Lumix camera, I am understandably biased. This being said, in the first pair, just like you, I think the Canon is somewhat sharper than the Lumix.

  2. Cool comparison :)
    What do you think those mustard yellow colored boxy objects are on the roof of the Pompidou, in the newer photo?

  3. I'm hoping all your family is ok after this relentless flooding in the Carolinas.

    1. Thanks for the good wishes. As far as I know, everybody's fine, though damp.


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