17 February 2015

Local color

Here's what the Renaudière vineyard outside Saint-Aignan is looking like on these February days. I'll be going out there for a walk with the dog in just a few minutes. The weather is mild and damp at this point.

Looks like I'll spend most of the morning, after the walk, in the kitchen again. Un gratin de côtes de blettes and walnut shortbread cookies are on today's menu. We planned out the week's menus — ailes de poulet avec boulettes de courgettes, soupe à l'oignon gratinée, rôti de filet mignon de porc et patates douces cuites au four — yesterday morning.


  1. It wasn't very mild working in the orchard yesterday morning I can tell you! Not frosty, but bone chilling cold. The week's menu sounds good :-)

  2. Temp. at our house this a.m. was 5.5ºC / 42ºF — much different from the sub-freezing temps. we were having last week.

  3. Your menu for the week sounds lovely. I am particularly interested in reading about the walnut shortbread cookies, and the filet mignon de porc is one of my favourites.

    1. I have a cookbook for you — the one with the walnut shortbread cookies in it, among many others. It's a pass-along book that Keir gave us a couple of months ago, written by a San Francisco baker. I'm saving some recipes out of it, and then you can do the same or just keep the book in your library. See you soon.


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