12 February 2015

Feuilles de chou farcies au porc

That's pork-stuffed cabbage rolls. I'm making them this morning. But first, let me say that I found the body color code on the Citroën. It's on the driver's door frame. KTC, it says, and that translates to a color called « iridis métallique », according to a web search. In England, it seems to be called "iridis mica" — a pearlescent gray, an iridescent color. That mystery's solved.

Now back to the cabbage rolls. I have fourteen nice Savoy cabbage leaves in all. They've been blanched.

I also have a big chunk of pork that I will run through the meat grinder. With onions, garlic, herbs, spices, rice, and some eggs, that'll make a good filling. I need to get to work if we want to have cabbage rolls for lunch today.


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    1. We just did have a great dinner, Gosia. The pork stuffing was delicious, and the cabbage was cooked just right.

  2. I see you slice something off the stalks...
    I do too... now!
    The first recipe I followed said cut the biggest portion of the stalk out altogether....
    it makes rolling the parcel up very tricky... then I found the method you use...

    Your groggy feeling wasn't the body having a come-down after buying the car....
    I'll bet your adrenalin levels were probably quite high that day and evening...
    and probably for the whole w/e....???

    1. "feeling wasn't the body "... that shoulld have a questionmark at the end of the line... oops!

    2. I do think I had doubts over the couple of days after I bought the car. Did I do the right thing? Now I'm feeling better about it, after a good drive yesterday and some tinkering around the vehicle this morning. It's a good-looking car and drives nicely.

    3. Yes, I think your adrenalin levels were shot to blazes!
      The car looks good... if it drive nicely and you like it...
      surely that is what's important.
      As you've said, the local garagiste has a lot to lose by selling a dodgy car to someone local...
      especially someone with your command of French!!

      As your car has a pearlescent finish, it is no wonder that you can't make up your mind about what colour it appears...
      some of those finishes actually change colour as they pass you!
      Early versions were used on custom cars and dragsters... just for that effect...
      and it was fun watching them change shade as they went past!
      But totally impossible to photograph....
      fortunately, most of the commercial colours are not so changeable...
      that said, our pharmacist has a pearlescent white Fiat 500 [new retro version]...
      on a dull day, it is white... other times it can be anything from a pastel pinky-yellow to a pale lime-green!!

  3. Buyer's remorse, eh? It is such a big thing to buy a car or house -- it's only natural to suddenly question everything about the purchase when it's a big one like this :) Glad you're back to comfy again.
    Did you and Walt have any sudden regrets right after buying the house?

    Those cabbage leaves look sooooo fresh and green! Yumm!

  4. Alas, I very rarely find savoy cabbage of this size here in our supermarkets. But the ordinary sort of cabbage will also make good stuffed cabbage.

  5. I really like the "porc soleil" photo.
    You're going to love your new car!

  6. I'm glad the car color mystery is solved... that was a nail biter :^)
    In my 30+ years of driving I've owned one new car, I'll never buy new again, the car I drive now is an 11 year old Audi, just turned over 120,000 miles, I expect to get another 130,000 out of it before I get the next used car. Used cars are much better than they used to be, I have a feeling that you will have a god experience with your "new" car.

    I think your cabbage look delicious. The nice thing about your blog is that when I get the urge to cook I can always look back on some of your older posts and get inspiration!



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